11 Best Sunglasses For Women With An Oval Face Shape

Are you ready to discover the perfect pair of sunglasses that will not only protect your eyes from the sun but also enhance your unique beauty? 

If you’re a woman with an oval face, you’ve come to the right place!

Oval faces belong to some of the most versatile face shapes, providing a perfect base for a wide range of sunglasses styles. 

Join me on a journey where you’ll discover the very best sunglasses tailored specifically for your face shape.

With a deep passion for fashion and an eye for detail, I’ve carefully curated a selection that ensures you’re not just getting sunglasses – you’re getting personalized style advice from someone who truly understands the intricacies of finding the perfect pair.

Whether you’re looking for timeless classics or trendy statement pieces, I’ve totally got you covered!

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Characteristic Of An Oval Face

The oval face shape is often considered the gold standard in facial proportions.

It’s characterized by its balanced and symmetrical features, making it one of the most versatile and harmonious face shapes.

To identify an oval face, look for the following defining characteristics:

  1. Balanced Length-to-Width Ratio: The length of the face is slightly longer than the width, and the forehead width is approximately the same as the jawline width.
  2. Gentle Curves: Oval faces have soft, gentle curves with no sharp angles or prominent features.
  3. Well-Proportioned Forehead and Jawline: The width of the forehead and jawline is typically similar, creating a sense of balance.
  4. Slightly Narrower Chin: The chin is slightly narrower compared to the forehead, giving the face an elegant and tapered appearance.
  5. Symmetrical Features: Oval faces often feature symmetrical and well-proportioned eyes, nose, and mouth.
  6. High Cheekbones: Many people with oval faces have high cheekbones that enhance their overall facial structure.

It’s essential to recognize that not everyone falls into the oval category, and other face shapes come with their unique attributes.

In contrast to oval faces, round faces have softer angles and a less pronounced bone structure. Square faces boast defined angles, a strong jawline, and a squared-off forehead.

Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a broader forehead that narrows down to a point at the chin. Diamond faces are the most rare and typically have high cheekbones like oval faces but may have a slightly more pointed chin.

Oblong faces are longer in length, often with a narrow forehead and jawline.

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Now let’s go ahead find the perfect frames that complement your unique features!

11 Best Sunglasses For Women With Oval Faces

1. Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Round Sunglasses, Black/Blue Flash, 54 mm

Look no further for the ultimate sunglasses that effortlessly blend style, comfort, and eye protection – Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses are the perfect match for you.

I own these sunglasses myself (the green ones) and couldn’t be more happy with them!

Why Choose Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses?


Complete UV Protection: Your eyes deserve the best. These sunglasses have 100% UV protection.

Fashionable and Durable Lenses: These sunglasses don’t just look good; they’re built to last. Crafted with durable lenses, they’re both stylish and long-lasting.

Feather-Light Nylon Frame: Comfort is key. The lightweight nylon frame offers durability without weighing you down.

Prescription-Ready Lenses: Say goodbye to blurry vision. These sunglasses are ready for prescription lenses, ensuring you see the world clearly while looking fabulous.


Universal Fitting: While these sunglasses are designed to cater to most, their 18mm bridge, 145mm arms, and 54mm wide lenses might not suit everyone.

With these sunglasses you’ll get to experience the perfect synergy of style, comfort, and eye safety. They are designed to reduce eye strain during outdoor adventures and are available in a range of frame and lens colors to match your unique style.

But that’s not all!

Your purchase includes a protective case and lens cloth, ensuring your shades stay in pristine condition. Made in Italy and sold by authorized retailers, they come with all the manufacturer’s warranties and guarantees.

2. Oakley Women’s Split Time Aviator Sunglasses

Oakley Women's OO4129 Split Time Aviator Sunglasses, Brown Tortoise Gold/Prizm

If you seek sunglasses that effortlessly combine style and functionality while perfectly complementing your elegant oval face shape, look no further than Oakley Women’s Split Time Aviator Sunglasses.

Why Choose Oakley Women’s Split Time Aviator Sunglasses?


Unmatched UV Protection: These sunglasses mean business when it comes to your eye’s safety. Their polycarbonate lenses, featuring a polarized coating, effectively block 100% of all UV rays, ensuring your eyes stay protected from the sun.

PRIZM Lens Technology: Experience the world in a whole new light. The PRIZM Lens Technology enhances color, contrast, and detail, immersing you in a vivid and natural environment.

High Definition Optics (HDO): Precision and clarity define your vision. The patented High Definition Optics (HDO) offer unrivaled optical clarity and razor-sharp vision from every angle.


Universal Fit: While designed for most face shapes, the frame may not provide optimum comfort for larger faces.

Oakley Women’s Split Time Aviator Sunglasses are a masterful fusion of C-5 alloy metal and lightweight O Matter, delivering a harmonious blend of style and functionality. The C-5 alloy metal frame material, constructed by merging five metallic compounds, forms an ultra-strong chassis, while the stress-resistant O Matter frame ensures lightweight, durable, all-day comfort and protection.

Plutonite lenses take center stage, offering superior UV protection, filtering 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light up to 400mm

Each pair of Oakley Women’s Split Time Aviator Sunglasses includes a microbag for cleaning and safe storage, ensuring your shades remain in top-notch condition.

3. Prada Sunglasses

Prada PR01OS UE00A6 Spotted Brown/Pink PR01OS Round Sunglasses Lens Category

If you’re looking for sunglasses that seamlessly combine style and top-tier quality, look no further than these Prada round sunglasses.

Why Choose Prada Round Sunglasses?


Light as a Feather: Crafted from lightweight and comfortable acetate, these sunglasses are designed for extended wear without discomfort.

Unique Elegance: The spotted brown/pink color combination is nothing short of unique and captivating, making these sunglasses an exceptional fashion statement.

Oval Face Perfection: The round lens shape harmonizes flawlessly with oval face shapes, enhancing your natural beauty.


Premium Price: The quality you deserve comes at a price. These sunglasses may not fit everyone’s budget comfortably.

So, if you’re on the hunt for sunglasses that embody style and uncompromising quality, the Prada Spotted Brown/Pink Round Sunglasses are a stellar choice.

These sunglasses are certain to elevate your fashion game while offering comfort for extended wear.

4. Kate Spade Annika Sunglasses

Kate Spade New York Annika/S JBHP 56MM Black Silver Sparkle/Gray

If you’re on the hunt for sunglasses that effortlessly blend style and functionality, the Kate Spade Annika sunglasses are exactly what you need.

Why Choose Kate Spade Annika Sunglasses?


Glamorous and Bold: These sunglasses feature oversized frames that exude boldness and glamour, ensuring you make a statement wherever you go.

Universally Flattering: The rectangular profile is a nearly universal flatterer, making these shades an exceptional choice for women with oval faces.

Superb Sun Protection: With polarized lenses, these sunglasses provide top-tier sun protection and reduce glare, making them ideal for various outdoor activities like driving, boating, and hiking.


Mirror Coating Personal Preference: The mirror coating on the lenses may not align with everyone’s taste in eyewear aesthetics.

With your purchase, you’ll also receive a designer iWear eyewear care kit.

This kit includes a 1-ounce spray bottle, mirror, screwdriver/keychain, and a folded microfiber cloth—an excellent value to keep your sunglasses in pristine condition.

The Kate Spade Annika/S Rectangle Sunglasses for Women are the perfect choice for those seeking both style and function.

If you’re planning on getting yourself a fresh pair of sunglasses, these definitely deserve a top spot on your consideration list!

5. Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses

Michael Kors MK5004 Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses ,womens,Rose Gold w/Purple Mirror

If you want sunglasses that effortlessly blend style and quality while complementing your oval face shape, the Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses are a top notch choice.

Why Choose Michael Kors Chelsea Aviator Sunglasses?


Sporty Femininity: These sunglasses sport an aviator shape that strikes the perfect balance between sporty and feminine, offering a look that’s both stylish and empowering.

Pretty-Hued Lenses: The lenses not only shield your eyes from the sun but also add a cool factor to any outfit. Their attractive colors are both protective and fashionable.

FREE Eyewear Care Kit: The kit includes a FREE eyewear care kit, a thoughtful bonus to keep your sunglasses looking pristine.


Price Consideration: The price point may lean toward the higher side for some buyers, potentially requiring a bit more investment.

Color Subjectivity: While the rose gold color adds a touch of elegance, it may not align with everyone’s style preferences.

These sunglasses are an excellent choice for those seeking both style and quality.

The aviator shape combines sportiness with a touch of femininity, while the lenses not only offer protection but also elevate your fashion game. The inclusion of a free eyewear care kit is a thoughtful bonus for your maintenance needs.

6. Tom Ford Whitney

Tom Ford Whitney TF 9 692 Dark Brown/Brown Gradient

Looking for sunglasses that effortlessly combine style and comfort, while perfectly complementing your oval face? Then these Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses are what you need!

Why Opt for Tom Ford Whitney Sunglasses?


Stylish and Contemporary: These sunglasses boast a stylish and modern design that’s bound to set you apart with its chic aesthetics.

Light as a Feather: Lightweight and comfortable, you can wear these shades all day long without a hint of discomfort, ensuring your style remains effortlessly on point.

Comprehensive Accessories: They come complete with an authentic case and a cleansing cloth, so you can maintain their pristine condition with ease.


Mark-Prone Holder: The sunglass holder is susceptible to marks, making it essential to exercise care when managing it.

Size Suitability: Individuals with thinner faces may find these sunglasses a tad too large for their liking.

In essence, the Tom Ford Whitney sunglasses offer a blend of contemporary style and comfort.

Their modern design ensures you stand out, while their lightweight build guarantees day-long comfort. The included authentic case and cleansing cloth contribute to hassle-free maintenance.

7. Gucci Oversized Square Sunglasses

Gucci Women's Oversized Square Sunglasses, Shiny Black, One Size

If you’re on the prowl for sunglasses that seamlessly complement your oval face while exuding style, the Gucci Women’s Oversized Square Sunglasses are a great pick!

Crafted with an acetate frame and a non-polarized, anti-reflective coating, they arrive in a quality protective hardshell case.

Why Choose Gucci Women’s Oversized Square Sunglasses?


Perfect for Oval Faces: The oversized square design of these sunglasses is tailor-made for oval face shapes, accentuating your features beautifully.

Touch of Luxury: Adorned with a thick frame and gold-tone logo accents, these shades add an element of elegance and luxury to your look.

Visual Clarity: Equipped with an anti-reflective coating, these sunglasses guarantee clear vision even in the brightest sunlight, making them ideal for outdoor adventures.


Non-Polarized Lenses: Those who prefer polarized sunglasses may find the non-polarized lenses less suitable for their needs.

Size Matters: The generously sized design may not be the best fit for those with smaller facial proportions.

The Gucci Women’s Oversized Square Sunglasses are a worthwhile investment for those seeking to infuse a dash of luxury into their collection.

8. Costa Del Mar Palmas Rectangle Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Palmas 6S9081 908101 57MM Black/Blue Mirror 580G

If you’re in search of sunglasses that seamlessly blend style and quality, tailor-made for oval-faced women, then look no further than the Costa Del Mar Palmas Rectangle Sunglasses.

Why Choose Costa Del Mar Palmas Rectangle Sunglasses?


Superior Visual Clarity: These sunglasses boast polarized lenses that offer exceptional clarity and enhance colors, making them the ideal choice for various (outdoor) activities.

Comfortable and Durable: Crafted with a lightweight and durable frame, these sunglasses provide long-lasting comfort, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort.

Comprehensive Eyewear Kit: The included eyewear kit adds incredible value, featuring all the essentials you need to maintain your sunglasses in great condition.


Mirror Coating Care: The mirror coating, while adding a touch of style, may be prone to scratches if not handled with care.

All in all, if you seek high-quality sunglasses tailored for oval-faced women, the Costa Del Mar Palmas Rectangle Sunglasses are a perfect choice.

9. Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB2140 Original Wayfarer Square Sunglasses, Black/Green Polarized, 50 mm

In your search for sunglasses that effortlessly merge style and protection, the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer always is an exceptional choice you truly can’t go wrong with.

Why Opt for Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer Sunglasses?


Glare-Free Vision: Featuring polarized lenses, these sunglasses are equipped to significantly reduce glare and eye strain, enhancing visibility, particularly in bright light conditions.

Durable Acetate Frames: Crafted from durable acetate, the frames offer the perfect blend of lightweight wear and resilience, ensuring they can withstand frequent use.

Comprehensive Accessory Kit: These sunglasses are bundled with a case and lens cloth, facilitating effortless cleaning and reliable protection.


Size Consideration: Some users with larger faces may find these sunglasses less than an ideal fit.

The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer sunglasses exude iconic style and a touch of fashion flair. The frames, fashioned from durable acetate, offer a lightweight yet robust option.

With a range of frame and lens colors, including classic black and tortoise frames, coupled with non-polarized and polarized crystal green and gradient options, these sunglasses offer something for everyone.

10. Burberry Sunglasses

Burberry BE4160 3433T3 Sunglasses Black

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect pair of sunglasses for those sun-soaked days, these Burberry Sunglasses will undoubtedly steal the show!

Why Opt for Burberry Sunglasses?


Featherlight Comfort: The frame and lens composition make these sunglasses exceptionally lightweight and comfortable for extended wear.

Vivid Vision: The non-polarized lenses deliver exceptionally clear and vibrant vision, perfectly suited for bright and sunny conditions.

Oval-Face Perfection: Featuring a 58mm lens width and 49mm lens height, these sunglasses are tailor-made for oval-faced women, offering ample coverage and protection from harmful UV rays.


Bridge Consideration: Individuals with a wider nose bridge may find the 17mm bridge less than an ideal fit, potentially causing the sunglasses to sit higher on the face.

These Burberry sunglasses offer an enticing blend of style and quality for those sun-drenched days!

11. Ray-Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses

Ray-Ban RB4306 Hexagonal Sunglasses, Black/Dark Green, 54 mm

For those seeking a contemporary take on timeless round sunglasses, the Ray-Ban Hexagonal sunglasses present an appealing option.

Why Opt for Ray-Ban Hexagonal Sunglasses?


Trendy Hexagonal Frame: Crafted from lightweight nylon, the hexagonal frame shape exudes modernity and fashion-forward appeal.

UV Shielding: The lenses are generously coated with 100% UV protection, which forms the perfect defence.

Enhanced Vision: Solid non-polarized lenses ensure improved clarity of vision and natural color contrast, offering an exceptional viewing experience.


Size Sensitivity: Those with smaller faces may find these sunglasses less accommodating, raising concerns about fit.

These unisex Ray-Ban frames strike a harmonious balance between modernity and classic design.

The lightweight hexagonal frame guarantees comfort during prolonged wear, making them ideal for day-long use. Furthermore, the lenses boast a robust 100% UV protection coating.

Other Questions You May Have

What are the best sunglass styles for oval-shaped faces?

Oval faces are incredibly versatile, making them suitable for a wide range of sunglass styles. Square frames can add structure to your soft curves, while rectangular frames offer a more sophisticated look. Round frames soften angular features, and cat-eye sunglasses provide an elegant touch.

Do certain frame shapes complement specific facial features?

Absolutely! Sunglasses with square frames can enhance the well-balanced bone structure of oval faces, while round frames soften sharp edges, making them a great choice for individuals with angular features. Cat-eye sunglasses, with their upswept design, highlight cheekbones and add a touch of elegance.

Can oval-shaped faces wear oversized sunglasses?

Oval-shaped faces can rock oversized sunglasses with confidence. Not only do oversized frames provide ample protection from the sun, but they also create a bold, stylish look. They’re an excellent choice for making a fashion statement.

How do I choose the right size for sunglasses?

To choose the right size for sunglasses, consider the width of your face. The frames should align comfortably with the width of your face without extending too far beyond it. Frames that are too wide or too narrow can throw off the overall balance.

Can I opt for bright colors in sunglasses for an added pop of style?

Certainly! Brightly colored frames can inject a fun and stylish element into your sunglasses. Experiment with bold shades that resonate with your personal style and outfit choices.

Are there any sunglass materials I should look for to ensure quality?

High-quality materials are essential for both durability and comfort. Acetate and metal frames are popular choices known for their durability, lightweight feel, and stylish appeal.

How can I determine the right pair of sunglasses for my face size?

The right pair of sunglasses should complement the proportions of your face. If you have a petite face, opt for smaller frames to avoid overwhelming your features. Conversely, larger frames can complement larger faces.

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