Do Curtain Bangs Suit Oval Faces? (Best Hairstyles)

Are you ready to frame your face in a whole new way?

If you have an oval face shape and want to highlight your features, keep reading to discover how curtain bangs can completely transform your look.

The oval face shape is considered one of the most balanced and versatile face shapes due to its elongated yet proportional appearance.

While an oval shape allows for great flexibility with hairstyles, it’s still important to choose cuts and styles that accentuate the best features.

Curtain bangs have become a very popular bang style in recent years, but do they truly suit oval faces?

Let’s take a deeper look at whether this wispy fringe flatters those with an oval-shaped face.

Understanding Oval Face Shape

An oval face shape has a longer appearance compared to other common face shapes like round, heart-shaped, or square faces.

The forehead, cheeks, and jawline are usually similar widths with soft, gradual angles rather than defined edges.

Those with an oval face shape often have symmetrical features and a jawline that gently curves inward.

The bone structure creates elongated lines that flow nicely.

While some may be self-conscious of a wider forehead area if they have an oval face, the good news is that it is considered one of the most balanced shapes which leaves room to play with different hairstyles.

An oval shape also suits many popular styles like shoulder-length layers with bangs, chin-grazing bobs, and longer styles with side-swept fringe.

Choosing complementary cuts and colors helps accentuate natural bone structure in an oval face for a beautifully balanced and elongating look.

Paying attention to framing the face, drawing attention upwards, and balancing proportions are key factors when styling hair for an oval face shape.

Regular trims and conditioning treatments also help haircuts for oval faces maintain their flattering shape over time.

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What Are Curtain Bangs?

Curtain bangs, also called side bangs or side-swept bangs, are a wispy fringe hairstyle that sweeps across the forehead from one side to the other in long, wispy layers. They frame the face softly while drawing attention upward.

This type of bang is cut to fall just above the eyebrows and can be worn straight or with some texture and waves added for movement and volume.

Curtain bangs tend to be cut choppily or with soft layers to create a natural, wispy effect rather than a harsh straight-across fringe.

A round brush is often used when blow drying to sweep the bangs over to one side.

Curtain bangs suit many face shapes, especially oval, and work well for fine to thick hair when cut to suit individual features.

They create a feminine, chic look that flatters eyes and eyebrows while softening angles in the forehead area.

Curtain bangs are a versatile hairstyle that can be worn for both day and evening looks.

Regular trims are needed to maintain their wispy texture and ensure bangs do not get too long.

Why Curtain Bangs Suit Oval Faces

There are several reasons why curtain bangs tend to be a great choice for those with an oval face shape compared to other styles like blunt bangs or a full fringe.

First, the wispy, side-swept nature of curtain bangs helps draw attention to the top half of the face, balancing out its longer appearance.

Their soft, wispy texture complements the gentle angles and proportional look of an oval shape.

Curtain bangs also flow with the natural lines of an oval face rather than contrasting harshly. This allows the elongated features to shine through without disruption.

Additionally, curtain bangs can help minimize the appearance of a wider forehead area that some ovals may feel draws too much focus.

The wispy layers frame the face while also softening any perceived width.

The side-swept style also guides attention to other best features like eyes rather than fixating on one area.

Curtain bangs also tend to be low-maintenance and very flattering for nearly any hair type, from straight to wavy to curly textures.

Their versatility makes them a great option for oval faces.

Curtain bangs work particularly well for those with shoulder-length hair or longer layers that can be swept to the side.

They also create a soft, wispy look that balances well with an oval or heart-shaped face.

A professional hairstylist can recommend the perfect length of curtain bangs based on an individual’s unique face shape and hair texture for a very flattering, stylish look.

Overall, curtain bangs help elongate and balance an oval face shape in a low-maintenance way.

The wispy layers and framing effect created by curtain bangs produce a youthful, feminine look that flatters oval facial features.

Curtain Bangs And Different Hair Types

While curtain bangs suit oval faces well in general, the style can also be modified to flatter different hair textures and types. 

Straight Hair

For those with straight hair, a middle part is a perfect way to accentuate curtain bangs.

Sweeping the wispy layers to one side creates balance and flow. Ask your stylist for a U-shaped cut around the forehead to add volume at the roots.

Using a round brush to blow dry bangs forwards and then sweeping them to the side helps them fall naturally.

For longevity, straight-haired individuals can refresh their style with dry shampoo between washes to absorb oil and maintain movement.

Thin Hair

Those with thin hair can ask their stylist for shorter curtain bangs cut in a choppy, face-framing layer for fullness and texture.

Micro bangs, cut just above the brows, also work well. Make sure to ask for layers throughout the hair to add body and volume without weight.

Regular weekly deep conditioning treatments will help nourish thin hair.

A texturizing spray with volumizing fibers can provide all-day lift at the roots for body.

Thick Hair

For thick hair, longer curtain bangs swept to one side create elongation.

Blow drying with a round brush while hair is 50% dry helps train the style. Ask for long layers throughout to thin out density and add movement.

Regular trims every 4-6 weeks will prevent ends from splitting.

A lightweight oil like argan can be raked through mid-lengths and ends to prevent frizz.

Wavy Or Curly Hair 

If you have a wavy or curly hair texture, you’ll benefit from curtain bangs cut in a face-framing style.

Always apply product to wet hair to define curls and clumps.

A cream styler will add moisture and hold without crunch. Plopping hair with a microfiber towel after styling encourages curl formation.

Shoulder-Length Hair Curtain bangs that extend past the jawline help balance the face for shoulder-length hair.

Make sure layers around the face are wispy and face-framing. Blow drying with a round brush while hair is 50% dry trains the style.

Regular trims every 6-8 weeks will prevent ends from splitting.

Additional Hairstyles For Oval Faces

While curtain bangs are certainly a top choice for oval face shapes, there are other options as well depending on personal style and preferences:

  • Shoulder-length layers with side-swept bangs create flow and softness for oval faces. Face-framing layers draw attention to eyes and balance the face. A long-layered cut works well for most hair types from fine to thick. 
  • A long bob at chin-length is very flattering, especially if worn with side bangs. The shorter length balances a longer face shape. It also adds volume at the chin for a squarer look. This is low maintenance and looks polished when blown out straight.
  • Zooey Deschanel inspired bangs swept to one side work for both straight and wavy hair types. This style flatters oval faces with stronger jawlines. It is best for those with medium to thick hair for definition.
  • For a rounder oval face, wispy bangs swept across in a center part create softness. Regular trims keep an elongated look. Request your stylist cut bangs in a face-framing A-shape.
  • Lob haircuts at jawline-length balance an oval shape. Worn with side-swept bangs, movement is added. Layered ends add fullness and texture. This style is low maintenance and works for fine to thick hair. 
  • Blunt cuts with curtain bangs create structure for stronger jawlines and square features in an oval shape. Irregular layers create interest and draw attention upward. This is best for medium to thick hair and requires regular trims to maintain shape.
  • For thinner hair, micro bangs or wispy fringe just above the brows add texture without weight. Regular texturizing provides fullness and separation between washes. Blow drying hair with a round brush lifts roots.
  • Those with a longer forehead can opt for wispy bangs swept to one side or a full fringe. Both soften any perceived width. A side-swept style works best, framing the face to draw attention to other features.

Other Questions You May Have

What are some good bangs for long hair? 

Long hair works very well with curtain bangs. Both add movement and softness to frame the face while allowing the rest of the hair to flow freely past the shoulders in a chic look. Face-framing layers are also a great way to balance a longer face shape. Sideswept bangs work well too.

Are there any short hair bangs? 

There are many options for short hair bangs! Baby bangs, micro bangs, and wispy fringe bangs cut just above the brows add texture without weighing down shorter cuts. Choppy bangs are also perfect for short hair styles.

What are some bangs for different face shapes? 

Bangs can be modified for each unique face shape. Oval shapes suit curtain bangs while heart shapes look lovely with crescent bangs. Rounder faces flatter wispy center-parted bangs and diamond shapes benefit from side-swept styles.

How do I know if my bangs are the best for my face?

Consider face shape, hair type and personal style when choosing bangs. Ask your stylist which cut might be most flattering. You’ll know it’s perfect if bangs help draw attention to your best facial features in a way that feels right. Regular trims also help maintain your new look.

What kind of bangs hide a short forehead? 

Wispy bangs swept across the entire forehead in a fuller fringe are a great option. Baby bangs or micro-bangs cut just above the brows draw attention up without making a shorter forehead feel heavier. Heat styling with a round brush adds lift.

How should I style bangs with a blow dryer? 

When blow drying bangs, use a round brush to lift roots and add volume without heaviness. Hold the dryer several inches away and work in sections for control. Finish with your fingers for a tousled, wispy look. Heat protectant spray prevents damage and frizz.

Choosing a hairstyle that highlights best features is most important for any face shape, including oval.

Curtain bangs are a top choice due to their versatility and ability to flatter nearly all oval face shapes when cut and styled properly.

Regular trims and protective products help maintain their soft, wispy appearance over time as well.

A professional stylist can also recommend modifications based on your unique traits for a stylish, customized look.

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