Do Short Haircuts Suit Round Faces? (Best Hairstyles)

Have you ever wondered how your hairstyle can dramatically influence the way your facial features appear?

It’s not just about following trends or staying in your comfort zone; it’s about choosing the right haircut that complements the unique shape of your face.

For those with round face shapes, the quest for the perfect hairstyle may be a bit tricky.

Round faces tend to have soft, curved lines, and they are characterized by their width, with the widest part of the face being the cheeks.

However, the good news is that there’s a wide array of short hairstyles that can enhance the beauty of round faces.

Now, I’m excited to share tricks I’ve picked up from stylists on how to play up my face with short hairstyles.

Through trial and error, I discovered layers that create angles, parts that draw attention up, and textures that make my cheeks appear slimmer.

It’s amazing how much confidence a good haircut can bring. I want you to feel that too.

Understanding Round Face Shapes 

To begin your journey towards the perfect hairstyle for your round face, you first need to identify the roundness of your face.

Typically, round faces lack sharp angles and instead have soft, curved lines. The widest part of the face is often the cheeks, giving the face its characteristic circular appearance.

However, not all round faces are perfectly symmetrical – some may be oval shaped around the forehead but still round through the jawline.

Others could have a squarer chin that balances out the fullness of the cheeks.

Taking time to really study your facial structure in different lighting from various angles will help determine your exact round face shape.

Understanding your face shape is key to making the best hairstyle choices that work with, rather than against, your unique bone structure and facial features.

Choosing styles that balance your roundness and create angles where none exist naturally is important.

Consider whether your roundness is moderate or more pronounced as this will impact the best cuts and layers.

Asking friends for an honest opinion on your face shape can also provide a different perspective. You may see yourself one way after looking in the mirror for years, but an outside viewpoint helps remove any inherent biases.

Taking measurements of the widest and narrowest parts of your face with a soft fabric tape is another accurate method.

Armed with a clear understanding of your facial structure, you’ll be better equipped to find hairstyles tailored precisely for your individual round face shape.

Face Shape Quiz

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Best Short Haircuts For Round Faces

The Pixie Cut

The pixie cut is a classic short hairstyle that can work wonders for those with round faces.

With its various styling options and variations, it’s a versatile choice. The key to making it work for round faces is to create an illusion of a longer face.

You can achieve this by leaving longer bangs and using styling techniques that add height.

For example, you can backcomb the hair at the crown for added volume or use a round brush to create movement.

Just take a look at celebrities like Ruby Rose and Ginnifer Goodwin who have confidently embraced the pixie haircut, demonstrating how this style can flatter round faces.

Both Rose and Goodwin opt for choppy layers around the face that draw attention upwards.

The short pieces frame their faces beautifully while longer pieces on top add softness and balance out their features. A pixie cut requires low maintenance and allows you to play with different textures and products.

By experimenting, you can find what flatters your face shape the most whether it be tousled waves, soft curls or sleek and straight styles.

With options to leave your hair au natural or dress it up, the pixie cut gives you versatility to suit your mood and outfit.

Bob Haircuts

   – Long Bob (Lob): The long bob, or “lob,” is a versatile and stylish option for round faces. Adding longer layers to the lob can create a flattering effect.

Additionally, maintaining long bangs can soften the look and complement round face shapes. You have the choice between keeping your lob straight and sleek or adding movement with loose waves or curls.

A lob can be worn messy and undone for a cool girl vibe or straightened and polished. The layers frame the face beautifully and draw attention upwards.

Ask your stylist for face-framing pieces and longer layers at the crown to balance the roundness.

   – Short Bob: The short bob is a timeless classic that can give you a classy, sophisticated appearance.

You have the choice between a blunt cut for a clean and sleek look or choppy layers for a more textured and dynamic style. Incorporating side-swept bangs can help frame your round face beautifully.

Sideswept bangs draw the eye horizontally, creating the illusion of a longer face shape.

Go for bangs that are long and brush across one side of your forehead. You can also play with your part, sweeping hair to either side.

A short bob hits right at the chin or jawline, creating definition. Ask your stylist for lots of layers around your face to add softness and movement.

The layers break up the roundness and draw attention upwards rather than accentuating width.

The Buzz Cut

For a bold and confident look, consider the buzz cut.

It’s an ultra-short hairstyle that can be surprisingly flattering for round faces. Even with the shortest layer, you can make a strong style statement.

A buzz cut creates a minimalist appearance that draws attention to your features.

Ask your stylist or barber to keep the top slightly longer for balance and texture, buzzing the sides and back very short while blending the lengths seamlessly.

Consider keeping the hair longer on top and adding a side part or sweeping it to one side for visual interest.

Play with different guard lengths – a longer buzz of a #3 or #4 guard creates more texture than a very close #1.

You can also play with different hair colors like bleaching the buzzed areas platinum for high contrast or adding caramel highlights on top.

Experimenting with color adds dimension and uniqueness to the style.

Overall, own your features with confidence – a buzz cut is bold and eye-catching when worn with attitude.

Short Styles for Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you can make the most of your natural texture.

Consider an asymmetrical bob or a line bob to create a modern and flattering appearance.

An asymmetrical bob is cut with one side longer than the other, adding visual interest and balance to your round face shape.

Ask your stylist to razor cut the ends for a soft, face-framing effect. A line bob hits just below the chin in a straight line all around.

Your stylist can incorporate subtle layers and face-framing pieces to draw attention up.

Experimenting with hair color and highlights can also add dimension to your style. Light reflecting lowlights throughout or a few golden balayage pieces at the front can brighten your look.

Highlights that are carefully placed to avoid making your round face look wider are a great option. Play with different hair colors like honey blonde tones that complement fair skin.

Short Styles for Wavy Hair

Embracing the natural wavy texture of your hair can create a soft and stylish look.

Soft waves work particularly well for round faces, and you can further enhance the effect by trying deep side parts and center parts.

A center part allows both sides of your hair to frame your face evenly while side parts draw attention to one side.

Ask your stylist to cut your hair in a way that enhances your natural texture, avoiding one-length cuts that can accentuate roundness.

Layers of different lengths that blend together create movement and balance out the shape of your face.

Finish your style with a sea salt spray or mousse to accentuate your waves without making them crunchy or stiff.

Play around with different products and see what works best with your hair type to bring out your gorgeous natural texture.

Short Styles for Thin Hair

If you have thin hair, it’s important to choose a haircut that creates the illusion of thickness.

A professional stylist can help you select the right cut and provide styling tips.

Opt for layers of varying lengths that blend together seamlessly rather than one-length cuts that can make thin hair appear flatter.

Using products like curl cream or mousse can add volume and texture to your thin hair. Curl creams hydrate while adding definition.

Apply to wet or damp hair and scrunch until dry for loose waves and body. Mousse distributes hair evenly while it dries to maintain volume.

Use a round brush to lift the roots while drying for height and lift.

Stay away from tight curls and focus on loose, beachy waves and textures instead.

Blow drying with a round brush while lifting sections adds fullness without weight.

Consider highlights placed strategically to avoid width and add dimensional color instead.

Thicker hair at the crown creates the illusion of volume for a balanced look.

Short Styles for Thick Hair

Having thick hair is a blessing, but it can be challenging to manage.

To make the most of your natural volume, consider hairstyles with side bangs and face-framing layers.

These elements can help balance your overall look. Side bangs draw the eye horizontally while layers create movement.

Ask your stylist for long, side-swept bangs that brush across just one side of your forehead.

Face-framing layers should be choppy and of varying lengths, with shorter pieces that graze the chin and jawline.

The layers create softness and frame the face, drawing attention up rather than accentuating width.

Styling is also important – instead of letting thick hair sit heavily, use a round brush to lift roots and a light hold product to add texture and bounce without weight.

Finish with a mist of hairspray to maintain your style throughout the day.

Short Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair is bold, beautiful, and unique.

There are numerous options for short curly hairstyles that can accentuate your round face.

From finger waves to experimenting with different hair colors, the possibilities are endless.

Finger waves create definition by lifting pieces away from the face with rolled curls.

Use styling cream and a fine-toothed comb or your fingers to separate curls and achieve the vintage look.

Color is also a fun way to play up curls – caramel balayage highlights throughout add dimension while avoiding width. Chocolate brown tones are universally flattering. 

For a bold pop of color, try a rich emerald green or cobalt blue just at the ends.

Loose waves created with a diffuser attachment allow curls to form their natural shape while adding body and bounce.

Consider an asymmetrical cut with longer pieces on one side that complement your features.

Ask your stylist to cut your curls in a way that enhances the shape of your face, adding layers around the chin and jawline that frame without heaviness.

No matter your curl pattern – tight coils, loose waves or somewhere in between – embracing your natural texture can flatter a round face shape when styled properly.

Other Questions You May Have

What hairstyles work best for fine hair?

Hairstyles that add volume, like stacking layers or adding texture with products, work well for fine hair. Avoid tight ponytails or buns that can cause breakage. Ask your stylist to cut layers with movement and texture throughout to give the illusion of thicker hair without weight.

Opt for volumizing shampoos and conditioners made for fine hair types.

How do I style my hair texture to look its best?

Play up your hair’s natural texture. For curls, let them form freely with diffusing. For waves, add a sea salt spray while damp. Smooth hair works best with a round brush. Emphasize your hair’s movement by scrunching, twisting or brushing in the direction it falls to enhance its best features.

Avoid over-styling which can diminish texture.

How can I wear my hair short if I have rounder cheeks?

Opt for a choppy bob cut above the cheekbones or a short, textured cut with longer layers around the face. Avoid one-length styles that can widen the face. Ask your stylist to cut angles and add long layers around the chin and jawline to create the illusion of a slimmer face shape without weight.

Is a bob cut a good choice for my round face shape?

A bob cut can work well for round faces when cut with the proper layers. Look for a cut just below the cheekbones with longer layers in front to slim the face. Avoid a one-length cut that may accentuate roundness.

Ask your stylist for soft, face-framing layers and movement cut into the bob to draw attention to your best features rather than the roundness of your cheeks.

How short should I cut my hair if I have short layers?

When getting short layers, cut the top layer just long enough to blend with the bottom layers for a cohesive look. Consider keeping the bottom layers brushing the top of the shoulders for balance. Your stylist can cut for your face shape and hair type.

Ask them to cut the layers at different lengths using a razor or thinning shears to add movement and volume without weight.

What hairstyles look best with natural curls?

Embrace your curls! Try a tousled lob or shoulder-length cut with face-framing pieces. Diffuse or let air dry for definition. Softer styles like beach waves also showcase texture beautifully. Avoid straightening which can damage curly hair.

Choose products with hydrating ingredients that nourish your curls without heavy buildup.

Is a chin-length bob a good hairstyle for my face shape?

A chin-length bob can work well for many faces when cut with layers and movement. It adds softness while keeping hair off the face. Consider your features – it may be especially flattering if you have a heart, diamond or round shape.

Consult your stylist. Make sure to get your stylist’s advice on how to cut and style the bob specifically for your facial features.

How should I part my hair if I have a round face?

For round faces, a deep side part helps create the illusion of angles. Start the part near the top of one ear and sweep the hair over that side. You can also try a diagonal part that angles hair away from the roundest parts of your face. Avoid a strict middle part.

Ask your stylist which part would be most flattering based on the shape of your forehead, jawline and cheekbones.

What are some good short hair styles for black hair?

Textured cuts with movement and volume work well, like a choppy lob, graduated bob or stacked pixie. Consider your face shape too – a wispy pixie with bangs flatters oval faces, while a U-shaped bob suits round shapes.

Your stylist can personalize cuts to your hair type and features.

How often should I get my hair cut if I have a round face?

Most stylists recommend cuts designed for round faces be maintained every 4-6 weeks. This helps layers from losing their shape and movement. As hair grows out, it can start weighing down the face instead of lifting it. Frequent trims ensure your style continues to complement your features.

What kind of bangs suit round faces?

Side-swept, face-framing bangs are usually best for round faces as they help create the illusion of length. Straight-across bangs can sometimes make the face appear wider. Consider your hairline, forehead shape and personal style when picking bangs. A stylist can also advise the best option.

Can I pull off an asymmetrical haircut with a round face?

Asymmetrical haircuts can work well for round faces when done correctly. Look for styles that are longer on one side to elongate the face and draw attention up. Avoid extreme asymmetry that may accentuate fullness. Layers are key, and having your stylist shape it specifically for your face.

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