What Color Sunglasses Is The Best For Red Hair?

Finding the perfect sunglasses to complement your red hair is no easy task.

With shades ranging from fiery orange to deep burgundy, redheads have a wide spectrum of tones to consider.

But with a little color know-how, choosing frames that beautifully accentuate your locks becomes a piece of cake. 

In this blog post, I’ll break down the dos and don’ts of sunglass colors for reds of all shades.

From classic navy to trendy rose gold accents, discover which hues pop your particular red the most.

Let’s dive in and decode the secrets to making your red hair radiate both in and out of the sun!

Understanding Red Hair Undertones

When it comes to red hair, there is a wide spectrum of shades ranging from bright orange to deep burgundy.

One key factor in determining the best sunglasses is understanding your hair’s undertones.

Lighter red hair often has yellow or golden undertones while darker shades lean more blue or purple.

Knowing whether your hair skews warm or cool will help narrow down which frame colors suit you best.

For example, if you have strawberry blonde hair with yellow undertones, warm sunglasses may work well.

But auburn locks with purple undertones would be washed out.

The right frame color combined with your skin’s undertone, whether it has cool, warm, or neutral undertones, can make all the difference in finding the perfect pair of glasses.

Factors like eye color, hair color, face shape, and complexion should all be considered to choose the best colors for glasses frames that suit your overall look and natural coloring.

Someone with green eyes and fair skin may find forest green or tortoiseshell frames a great choice, while blue eyes and brown hair would look best in navy or brown frames.

No matter one’s hair color, skin tone, or eye shade, finding the right balance of lens color and frame that complement your unique style is key to achieving the best overall appearance.

Avoiding Colors That Blend In

As a general rule, you’ll want to steer clear of sunglasses that blend in too much with your hair color.

Warm tones like brown, yellow and orange will melt into lighter red shades.

Cool black frames can also disappear against darker reds.

The goal is to choose hues with high contrast for maximum pop.

Someone with ashy undertones and gray hair may find gray or blue frames provide the best contrast, while warm blonde hair works best with tortoiseshell glasses or earthy tones.

Warm frames are definitely off limits if you have cooler red hair with blue or purple undertones.

Even with warmer reds, pure yellow or orange sunglasses may be too matchy-matchy. They won’t make a bold enough statement.

Instead, consider bolder accent colors.

Whether you have black hair, brown hair, or another color, the best ways to avoid your glasses blending in is to choose a color that contrasts with your own hair colour.

Those with brown eyes and cool skin tones often look great in metallic frames, while green eyes pop against rich browns.

Finding the right balance through color of the glasses and your own natural coloring is key.

Blues, Greens, and Grays Make A Statement

Cool-toned colors like navy blue, emerald green and silver gray are universally flattering options for red hair.

The stark contrast between the warm hair and cool frames creates visual interest.

These shades help emphasize red undertones whether your hair is light or dark.

Blue and green sunglasses in particular bring out golden flecks in lighter shades of red.

Navy, teal and sea glass frames are especially eye-catching and complement those with hazel or gray eyes.

Cool grays are a chic neutral that flatters the full range of red tones. No matter one’s skin color or undertones, gray frames provide a sleek option.

The high contrast without a strong color commitment makes gray a safe choice and perfect for bringing out blue veins in fair skin.

Accent Colors For Fun

If you have a bold personality and don’t mind standing out from the crowd, accent colors can take your sunglasses to the next level.

Pops of lavender, rose gold, or fuchsia add just the right amount of complementary color pop without overwhelming red hair.

Whether you have short hair or long hair, accent colors in frames provide a unique style.

Accent trim, logos or whole frames in these shades look lovely against red locks.

The key is keeping accents subtle rather than full-on bright shades.

A touch of purple along the edges of black frames, for example, provides visual interest without being too loud.

Accent colors work best with medium to darker red hair that can handle the vibrancy.

For those with pink undertones, rose gold is a great bold option that complements different hair colors and skin tones.

Black Frames Need Personality

While black is a classic color, plain black plastic frames tend to blend into red hair too much.

However, black frames with interesting textures, patterns or other details can still work well.

Whether you have warm skin tones or cool undertones, the right black frames are a versatile option.

Look for matte black, tortoiseshell or other dimensional finishes rather than high gloss.

Frames with thin metallic stripes or subtle logo engraving in silver or gunmetal add just enough contrast.

Oversized round or cat eye shapes in textured black also stand out more than thin wire frames.

The trick is giving black frames personality to offset red hair.

For those with lighter hair colors like ash blonde, black frames in earthy tones provide visual interest. Bolder patterns pop against different hair colors like brunette or red.

The overall look is elevated with the right combination of style and color.

Finding The Perfect Match

With red hair’s wide range of tones, there is no single best color of sunglasses.

The keys are understanding your own hair’s undertones and choosing frames with high contrasting hues or subtle accent colors.

Overall though; Blues, greens and grays flatter most red-haired.

Whether you have cool skin tones or warm skin tones, light eyes or dark eyes, finding the right balance of lens color and frames is key.

Try on different styles in recommended colors to see what makes your hair color truly pop.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder accent tones if you have a darker red.

Angular shapes suit oval faces while round frames flatter square jaws.

The right sunglasses are out there to make fiery locks shine even brighter in the sun.

Having short hair or long hair does not limit your options as with so many different frame shapes and lens tints available, you too can find the perfect pair.

Choosing sunglasses that complement your natural features is a great way to tie your whole look together regardless of hair length!

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